Known as one of the classics in sitcom history, Friends introduced a different kind of story to the comedy show landscape. The ten seasons long TV show was and still is, one of the most accurately detailed fun shows.

Setting this high precedent, there was no doubt that more comedy shows would follow in the footsteps of Friends.

Without further ado, let us move on to TV shows that tried to follow Friends.

  1. How I Met Your Mother

A similar love-story as that of Friends, How I Met Your Mother aired in 2004, right after Friends ended and offered a very similar story-line to the viewers. A group of five friends who hung out a bar most nights.

Ted and Robin’s love story was similar to Ross and Rachel’s and even the ending was similar when finally Ted and Robin got together. Anyone who has watched both shows can trace out other similarities.

  1. The Big Bang Theory 

Big Bang Theory has captured a lot of popularity in recent years. The selling point of the show is a bit different where a group of nerds become friends with their neighbour, Penny.

The story soon develops into a romantic comedy where three of the four guys get in a relationship with the girls. Even Rajesh Koothrapalli got to spend an evening with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Although “TBBT” has gained a lot of fame throughout the years, there was and will be only one Friends.

  1. Joey

Joey was a character spin-off show that came right after Friends. The show was based on the same Friends character who moved to a different town.

However, the show and the audience didn’t feel in place. Audiences were used to the complete group and a show based solely on one character was not as appealing. Even the storyline was a bit similar but “Joey” was just a failed attempt to carry on the legacy of Friends.

  1. Friends With Better Lives

Was it though? Friends With Better Lives tried too hard to be an exact replication of the classic. The cast was just a combination of successful and likable actors but the show just didn’t take off.

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