Truly a masterpiece, Friends is considered one of the most entertaining comedy plays of all time.

With drama, fun, and great character development, Friends was the most-watched sitcom throughout its 10 seasons and continues to be one of the most followed comedy show today. The audience has kept the show close to their hearts due to the relatable stories of the gang.

So, let us move on to the six things that we love about the Friends TV show.
  1. The opening credits

The beginning sequence of Friends is something that most people would sing along to, even now. The catchy song, “I’ll be there for you” engaged the audience in a way that made fans sing and clap along to the tune.

We are pretty sure any Friends fan still knows the lyrics to the opening song, which makes the starting sequence very special.

  1. The supporting characters

One of the wonders of this show was introducing the supporting characters in a way that the story would seem in-sync.

Janice, for example, was a recurring supporting character who became a firm favourite with audiences. The obnoxious and noisy Janice could not have been played better by anyone else.

  1. The Ross and Rachel love story

The show was centered on this specific love story throughout the 10 seasons. Ross’s feelings for Rachel, since grade 10, had poured out in the first season. That, however, was not a happy ending. Rather, throughout most of the show, either Ross or Rachel was dating someone else.

Yet, they went back to each other in the final episode of the show. The love story had the perfect blend of romance, comedy, suspense, and dialogue to make it a couple adored by fans.

  1. Chandler’s sarcasm

The show had some of the most quality banter that we have seen in a sitcom. Most of this banter was brought to the Friends play by Chandler. A complete underdog.

Chandler had shown the world how one could be brutal with their sarcasm and taught people the basics of comedy and jokes. His signature “Could This BE” joke was something that embodied Chandler’s character.

Safe to say, Mathew Perry did a terrific job in playing this glorious character.

  1. Believable characters

Something that people love about the Friends comedy show is that it had characters you could relate with. The friends were normal people in their twenties, facing the difficulties a regular person has to face. They got dumped, they fell out, they lost jobs and even had financial struggles. Therefore, the characters resonated with the audience perfectly.

  1. Joey’s childish-ness

Anyone who has seen the show knows that Joey was just a big kid. His likes and dislikes, his slow nature. And most importantly, his Hugsy proved to the world Joey was still a kid at heart. His nature was innocent and playful that added a very calm and fun element to the show.

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