It is no surprise that the Friends TV sitcom is one of the most detailed pieces of show-writing that we have seen. The TV show involved six characters who had their independent characteristics. These characteristics of separate people combined to form a beautiful blend of drama and comedy that viewers credit as a masterpiece.

Aspiring writers can have a look at the show and understand some basic principles of writing.

So, without further ado, let us look at a few things Friends can teach us about writing.

  1. Give the character development some time

In the show, we see that a lot of characters had grown and evolved by the end of the show. Each character had their problems. For example, Ross had his marriage issues, which he could not figure out. Rachel was a daddy’s girl who had never worked a day in her life.

However, we see that towards the end, Ross finally ended up with Rachel. Ross was finally in a healthy place, relationship wise. At the same time, Rachel was financially independent, working a job at a famous clothing brand. Therefore, let your characters develop slowly into what you intend them to become.

  1. Be open to some improvisation

It is a fact that when the show first aired, the directors were going for a love story between Monica and Joey. However, any Friends fan would agree that Monica and Joey wouldn’t be much of a match.

Chandler, on the other hand, and his traits were something that made Monica a better person while Monica did the same for Chandler. Thus, one must be open to new ideas when writing. Don’t be afraid to stray from your original ideas.

  1. Always keep something moving in the background

You cannot rely on just one major plot. In the case of FRIENDS, the major story of the show was consistently being driven by Ross and Rachel.

However, in season 4, the writers of the show decided to introduce another plot where Monica and Chandler get together. Since the love story between Ross and Rachel had stalled, another story emerged that was highly appreciated by the viewers. Therefore, you must keep some underlying plots that you can introduce to the show. In fact, each episode was written with three plotlines… And sometimes more. They packed a lot into every episode!

  1. Create consistency in the characters

An important aspect of writing is finding consistency. Yes, you need your characters to develop but the development should take consistently.

For instance, Monica is shown consistently as a clean freak. Yet, her relationship with Chandler shows that she grew into a more mature and understanding person. But, she was still the same way about her home’s cleanliness.

  1. Use the magic of flashbacks

Flashbacks are one way that you can use in your writing to make the audience more familiar with the characters.

In the FRIENDS show, we see flashbacks several times, such as Rachel’s prom where Ross dresses up for her to take her to prom. This helps us understand how madly Ross was in love with Rachel.

  1. Avoid loose ends

One of the absolute musts of any piece of writing is that everything should make sense and tie-up. There should be no potholes in the story and everything that you introduce to the story should have an end. Friends is one such show where all loose ends were taken care of.

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