One would think that a straight-forward comedy show like FRIENDS would not have any motives other than the jokes portrayed in them. Well, we got news for you! There are a bunch of theories made by fans who believe that in certain scenes, the show had a story that went much deeper than laughter and friendships.

Let us look at some of them below:
  1. Phoebe is a Genius

This theory would come as a surprise to most FRIENDS fans. Throughout the show, we see Phoebe as ditzy with some left field theories… She doesn’t believe in gravity. However, a theory claims that Phoebe is smart but just very indifferent. In one of the scenes, we see Phoebe toying around with Ross, a University professor, regarding the evolution theory. Phoebe ultimately wins the argument leaving Ross dazed and confused.

  1. Gunther reserved the table for Rachel

Anyone who has watched the show knows that Gunther had a huge crush on Rachel. This theory claims that the table where the gang sat every time, was reserved by Gunther to stay close to Rachel. You can even see the “reserved” sign on the table in several scenes across the seasons.

  1. Monica got OCD after reducing weight

In most of the flashback scenes where Monica used to be overweight, we can see her being way more playful and careless. A fan theory suggests that Monica only developed her OCD after losing weight. Before that, she was much less of a clean-freak than she was later on. She even laughed at spilling sandwich on her prom dress!

  1. Rachel has a foot fetish

This is a weird one. A popular theory explains that Rachel had a foot fetish. The fan proves this by giving instances like when the girls told Chandler about erogenous zones and Rachel claimed that her toes were an erogenous part of the body. In another scene, Rachel seems very excited about painting Ross’s toenails.

  1. The whole show was Phoebe’s hallucination

This is probably one of the darkest fan theories we have seen. It claims that Phoebe, who used to be homeless at one point in her life, never got off the street. She was a drug-addict who imagined this show when she looked into the Central Perk window and saw 5 friends hanging out.

  1. Ross was not a good father

Throughout the show, we have seen instances where Ross has turned out to be insecure and has been selfish just to prove his point. The university professor cheated on Rachel, had an affair with his student along with other disturbing behaviours, like an obsession with his sandwich. Theories claim that Carol, Ross’s ex-wife, avoided Ben spending time with his father because of Ross’s behaviour. This might be true as we do not see Ben after the 8th season and generally see Ross spending less and less time with his son.

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