If you have been a regular viewer of comedy shows, then Friends ought to be amongst the top ranks. Friends is a comedy play that has been followed by millions of people around the globe. Over 200 episodes spread over 10 different seasons, 25-years later Friends is still a must-watch for people of all ages.

A journey down the memory lane

Here’s a flashback of 10 of the most unforgettable lines from the Friends play.
  1. How you doin’ – Joey

“How you doin’” has been a great fun gag from the series. Midway through season 4, Joey told Rachel and Phoebe about the technique he used for talking to ladies.

  1. Was that place, The Sun? – Chandler

After Ross got impressed by Monica’s tanning salon, he tried to give it a go. Unfortunately, he could not follow the guidelines and got eight sprays of tan as opposed to two. Chandler started making fun of him asking if he had gone to the sun.

  1. Smelly Cat – Phoebe

Smelly cat was one of the regular songs that Phoebe sang throughout the Friends’ season. Even all her other songs had similar tunes to the Smelly Cat version.

  1. You’re over me? When were you under me? – Ross

This occurred after Rachel got drunk and called Ross, telling that she was over him. It came as a surprise to Ross who did not have any idea that Rachel had feelings for him.

  1. Oh My God! – Janice

Well, for all those who have watched Friends, Janice has got to be the most annoying (yet enjoyable) character, appearing in every season. And don’t get me started with her regular, Oh My God.

  1. He’s a transponder – Rachel

After betting their apartment on a quiz, Rachel and Monica had to guess Chandler’s job as the final question. Rachel ended up messing up the answer by saying Chandler was a transponder since his job was related to transponding.

  1. I don’t even have a pla – Phoebe

In season one, Rachel got all depressed as she had no job. Monica consoled her by saying that even she doesn’t know what she will do with her life. She asked Phoebe if she has a plan? To which Phoebe replied, “I don’t even have a ‘Pla’.”

  1. Joey doesn’t share food! – Joey

Well, all of us can relate to this. Joey went out with Phoebe’s friend and ended up on bad terms as she started eating from Joey’s plate. To which Joey explicitly replied, “Joey doesn’t share food!”

  1. PIVOT, PIVOT! – Ross

Ross bought a new couch for his new apartment but found that the delivery charges were too expensive. Hence, he decided to carry it with Rachel. When shifting it up to the apartment, he kept shouting “PIVOT PIVOT” which didn’t help but became rather funny!

  1. It tastes like feet – Ross

Rachel had made a trifle on Thanksgiving Day, which turned out bad. But Ross didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so tried to eat it. But after she left, he told Joey that it was bad and tasted like feet. But that didn’t matter to Joey as he ate it all!

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