Everybody loves Ross’s geeky side, Monica’s OCD, Rachel’s style, Chandler’s one-liners, Phoebe’s kookiness, and Joey’s love of sandwiches. Besides those six friends, what really makes Friends a brilliant show are the characters that are not central to this comic play.

Every now and then, a character would emerge and bring out the best in the show again. But, it doesn’t mean those characters will never come back. You never know what’s on in Croydon and what Croydon events might bring for you. You may have a chance to watch those characters again live on the stage.

Here are some of the best lesser-known characters from Friends.

1. Estelle Leonard

Estelle Leonard, Joey’s agent, makes for one hilarious character on the show. She got Joey some questionable auditions and suggested he slept with the casting director on “Days”.

Her unique smoking style, accent, and looks added flair to Joey’s character as well as her own. When she died on the show, Joey found out that he was one of the only two clients that she managed.

2. Ursula Buffay

There is no doubt that Lisa Kudrow brilliantly played Phoebe in the show. But, she was the only actress to have had a double role, and that too of her sister, Ursula Buffay.

Where the show highlights Phoebe’s life after her mother’s death, it does not delve into the life of Ursula Buffay deeply. But what we absolutely do know is that Ursula was a troublemaker. And oh boy, what trouble she had caused over time.

From using Phoebe’s name to do porn to letting stalkers go after Phoebe, there was little that we knew about Ursula from the show. However, Ursula Buffay was a character on Mad About You.

3. Paul Stevens

Who can forget the role played by our very own Bruce Willis on the show? Rumor has it that Bruce Willis came on the show because he lost a bet to Mathew Perry.

Although we do not know the validity of the claim, we can guarantee that Ross was in trouble when he did show up. The overprotective father was not fine with his young daughter dating Ross, a college professor.

But as Rachel comes into play, and Paul and her start dating, there is much and more that develops. Furthermore, the absolute child that Paul Stevens is portrayed perfectly by Willis when he starts crying, eventually scaring Rachel of the vulnerability.

4. Doug

“Bing!” is the one expression that brings back the absolute horrors of having a Boss like Doug. No wonder Chandler had a fake laugh to fit in well because nobody could manage with that one weird person who liked to make everyone uncomfortable.

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