Nobody can ever forget the absolute brilliance of David Schwimmer as Ross in FRIENDS. His absolute charm as a professor and his chemistry with Rachel. But there is much more that Ross left for us to remember.

From among the best moments on the show, here are the 5 most memorable moments of Ross.


Nobody can forget the absolute brilliance of Schwimmer in acting out the “PIVOT” scene. In fact, that scene is one of the most famous scenes of the entire series.

Ross, in the scene, shows his amazing bargaining skills when he buys the couch. But then he throws common sense out of the window when he tries to take the couch upstairs with Rachel. He soon has to enlist the help of Chandler after Joey was unavailable. And we all know, “The next best thing would be Monica!”

2.    Between Dr. Green and Mona

You would not want to be Ross when he started dating Mona, found out Rachel was pregnant and had to deal with Dr. Green all at once. Here are some dialogues from that time to take you back:

Dr. Green: “So? Come on! Explain yourself, Geller! First, you get my Rachel pregnant!”
Mona: “You got Rachel pregnant?!”
Ross: “Who did?!”
Dr. Green: “You did!”

3.    “I’m Fine”

You cannot know all the voices that Schwimmer does for his character unless you saw Ross finding out that Rachel had got together with Joey. The love of his life and one of his best-friends. But don’t worry, “he’s fine”.  Not surprised, not enraged, just fine.

4.    Spray Tan

Nobody can forget Chandler’s “was that place the sun?” So, what really happens is Ross goes out to for a spray tan after seeing how great Monica’s tan turns out. But how could anyone have expected Ross to go out and get anything done normally? He goes out and when he is asked to count to 5, he starts counting “Mississippis”.

When he does, he barely counts to 3 Mississippi and the spray fires again and Ross gets tanned twice on the front. It DEFINITELY wasn’t the look he was going for!

5.    “They Should Put that on the Box”

In addition to all the other hilarious responses of Ross to events, the best response to him is finding out that Rachel is pregnant. But even more fun is the revelation that condoms are not 100% effective, “they should put that on the box”.

When Rachel told him that they do put it on the box, he did believe her so he rushed to grab the box and check if it is true. Then made a very angry call to the condom company!

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