There is no great example of friendship than the six friends had in the “FRIENDS” show. The friendship bond between Monica, Joey, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross always makes us giggle.

So, why not plan something different with your friends and make your moments more exciting as the “Friends” did?

Here we’ve got some interesting ideas and things to do in South London or anywhere else with your best friends.

Cook Together

Cook together at home. Invite your friends to your home or go to their place, and have fun cooking together. It can be a chilled way to spend happy moments together and get a break from your hectic routine. And make sure that you practice your best “yummy” noises!

Wear Your Friends Attire

Putting on all the dresses of your friend over is a great way to help clear out their closet and see what clothes you could borrow. Remember when Joey put the clothes of Chandler over and said; “Look at Me! I’m Chandler! Could I Be Wearing Any More Clothes?!” You can do the same and make moments memorable.

Hang Around Together

This is what Rachel, Ross, and friends never missed. In fact, it’s all they ever did. How long did they spend in that coffee house?

Of course, you can always explore new places together, like a beach house, Las Vegas, a dinosaur Convention in Barbados or even London. Just remember the tip from Joey… If you get lost, just go inside the map.

Help Each Other

Always be there for each other. Be your friend’s shoulder to cry on. And do all little things for each other. Like when Chandler had to pee on Monica to relieve the jellyfish sting. Now that’s friendship!

Watch the FRIENDS Musical Live

What could be more exciting than seeing a Friends musical live with all your close friends? It is not only rejuvenating but also offers a great time to spend with your friends.

Have a spa day beforehand. Slather in mud masks, oils, and scented lotions with your friends. You can also try home spa treatments to have more fun with your close friends. Maybe try some Waxene strips! This way, you can get pampered to see the Friends Musical.

You can even buy tickets for your friends and surprise them. These kinds of activities can strengthen your friendship bond and make you more comfortable being around each other.

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