Friendship is undeniably essential to your mental and emotional well-being. With a reliable support network in place, you can cope with any challenge you face in life. Like getting a turkey stuck on your head, or escaping down a fire escape when you get trapped on a rooftop.

Also, when you are surrounded by friends who admire you and really “get” you, you can enjoy everything… Even a trip to a dinosaur convention!

Let’s take a look at six key features that make a good friend, from some famous friends we know and love…

Chandler says that “A real friend can be trusted”

It is imperative to be able to trust your friends because it means you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to bother that your secrets will somehow reach your classmates, or your embarrassing picture will be posted on a social networking site. So, when you tell a close friend that you have a third nipple, it will never get out, right? Or when they discover who your secret girlfriend is, they will take it to the grave! Could my friends BE any more trustworthy!?!

Phoebe says that “A real friend respects your decisions”

If you tell a friend that you have to finish your work before hanging out, it’s okay with them. If you say you are too scared to watch a movie you want to go to, they got it. This is because a real friend wants you to make a choice that you feel comfortable with. It’s true. My friends totally supported me when I had my brother’s babies, and when I broke into my real mom’s house and even when my mom’s spirit was in a cat! Oh, and I totally respect all their decisions too. Except that Ross and Rachel never named their kid Phoebo!

Rachel says that “A true friend does not pretend”

We don’t have to show off to our friends. Hiding or embarrassing is not in a friend’s dictionary, and we can only become our real selves. It’s true. My friends were honest about how the real-world sucks and how I was going to love it. But you know, sometimes, pretending isn’t a bad thing. Like making yummy noises when I made a trifle-shepherds pie. I still can’t believe they ate that… well, that Joey ate it. Actually, I can believe that.

Joey says that “Real friends know how and when to apologize”

Sometimes real friends will even say things they don’t mean when they’re angry. Other times, they may ultimately hurt your feelings by accident. Everyone makes mistakes, but a real friend can recognize when he crosses a line, and the line becomes a dot. Real friends serve time in the box.

Monica says that “A real friend perceives you as an equal”

You have to be careful of the “friend” who is always bossing you around, and tries to be a leader. Hey wait, I’m not sure this is true. I make a great leader. My friends all love it when I organize the birthday committees, games night and touch football games. I have been in charge of Rachel’s decision-making. Yep, I am the glue that holds these chumps together. I am always the hostess!

Ross says that “A true friend honestly shares emotions”

Some emotions and feelings are difficult to explain to family members, like when you get divorced for the third time or lose your job at a museum. In difficult situations, a true friend acts as a therapist. Phoebe was great when I was secretly still married to Rachel. We can also be judged by companions, bosses, colleagues… It’s true. I know my friends would never eat my sandwich.

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